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Skyrocket Your Restaurant Profits in 2023

with a Friendly, Food-Ordering Chatbot

on Your Facebook, Instagram & Website Pages


Custom friendly food-ordering chatbots for restaurants

Turn your Facebook & Instagram fans into repeat customers!

JennyChats restaurant chatbots use AI - artificial intelligence - and ChatGPT to help you gain more repeat customers & more profits!

An AI-based food-ordering chatbot is among the latest trends revolutionizing the restaurant industry!

JennyChats is a food-ordering chatbot that encourages your Facebook and Instagram fans to order food right on the page!  The food orders and payments in full are immediately sent to you.  And only a 5% commission for JennyChat!  And email marketing is included!  JennyChat can also take reservations and send coupons!

Automation is the way to go in 2023. Save time and money! 

Get more Take Out, more deliveries, and more in-person visits!

And JennyChats can increase your Local Office Lunch orders and Catering orders too!

5% COMMISSION!  People who visit your website or who follow you on Facebook and/or Instagram can quickly and easily place their food order using our friendly, conversational restaurant chatbot.  JennyChats is like your own virtual salesperson who takes a mere 5% commission!

EMAIL MARKETING:  JennyChats can even do your email marketing for you!  We can email your customers weekly, encouraging them to do more ordering and also to visit your restaurant in person. Or we can give you email templates and suggestions so you can do it yourself! 

ENTERTAINMENT:  JennyChats can remind people of your upcoming events via email and/or social media posts.  


Restaurant Chatbots for anywhere in the United States, including Myrtle Beach, Richmond, Ashland, Asbury Park, Long Branch, Toms River, Brick, Point Pleasant, Belmar, Miami, Orlando, Fort Myers & more!

By filling in the form below, you will be notified when JennyChats is ready to launch in April 2023!

And because you are getting on our waitlist, you will be offered a 50% discount when we announce the launch of JennyChats!

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We will notify you when JennyChats is about to launch in April 2023. We are so happy you're interested in learning more about how JennyChats can skyrocket your restaurant profits.

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Meet Our Founder, Janet Edwards

As an Entrepreneur and Mom, Janet Edwards was first an elementary school teacher and then ran a magazine publishing company for 16 years.  During that time, she worked with restaurant owners, helping them to boost their businesses with marketing strategies.

But with today's economy, Janet realized that restaurants need SOMETHING to skyrocket their profits, something EASY, FUN, and produces more Take Out, more Delivery, and more in-person visits.

So she developed JennyChats!  JennyChats is an automated, conversational chatbot that encourages your Facebook, Instagram and website page visitors to ORDER FOOD from you!  And then JennyChats sends the order and full payment directly to you immediately!

Fill out the form above so you can qualify for a 50% DISCOUNT when JennyChats launches in April 2023.

JennyChats Restaurant Marketing Service: Custom friendly food-ordering chatbot on a restaurant's Facebook, Instagram or website home page.

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