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If you are a Richmond VA area business owner . . .

this is for YOU!

JennyChats helps you to increase sales and event attendance!

Add JennyChats to your website and social media pages!

NEW!  Add JennyChats to your website and social media pages to increase:

  • orders and sales
  • restaurant Take Out orders 
  • event attendance
  • reservations
  • appointments


What is JennyChats?

JennyChats is your virtual assistant AI chatbot on Facebook Messenger that works for you 24 hrs a day 7 days a week, helping you to increase visits to your store or increase calls to your office.  In other words, JennyChats is your AI salesperson chatting with potential customers for you!


Enter your info in the form on this page to get more details about how you can have your own custom JennyChats.

I am interested in JennyChats and I would like more details!

You get a Dedicated Account Manager who will set up your custom JennyChats for you for best results!

Your custom JennyChats can include your:

  • Photo or Logo
  • Link to your website or social media page
  • Audio or Video of you encouraging people to visit your website, make an appointment, invite to an upcoming event, PLACE AN ORDER ... and more!


  • Increased email contact database
  • Larger social media fanbase
  • Greater event attendance
  • More sales!


$495 for your custom development  (Reg $1500, SAVE $1000)

Plus 10% of all transactions made via your JennyChats chatbot


When a purchase is made, Stripe sends 87% to your bank account, collects their 2.9% fee (plus 30 cents per transaction), and sends 10% to our Shorecast Media Wells Fargo account.

ShorecastMedia / JennyChats Custom Conversational AI-Assisted Chatbots for Fundraising,

Sales, Voter Registration and Event Attendance     

TEXT:  848-525-3928


129 Lac Courte   Myrtle Beach SC 29579