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Carside Cuisine is an online ordering system for restaurants that encourages more customers to order TakeOut, Curbside Pickup, and Local Delivery.

Tired of dealing with 20-30% commissions with online ordering systems like GrubHubTM? With Carside Cuisine, there are ZERO commissions! And you get to own your customers' contact info!  We only charge $1.50 per order

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The CARSIDE CUISINE system includes:

  • A beautiful online Menu branded for your restaurant with your photos
  • The ability for customers to choose TakeOut, Curbside Pickup, or Delivery
  • Loyalty Program to encourage repeat business
  • Email marketing (done for you)
  • Social Media posting
  • Ability to sell e-Gift Cards on your website, social media pages, and online menu
  • Ownership of your customers' contact info

All designed to keep customers coming back and to help you to increase profits!


Carside Cuisine helps restaurants save money and spend less than with third party delivery services like GrubHubR, etc.  Keep more profits and OWN your own customers' contact information!

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Carside CuisineTM

Online Ordering System for Restaurants

that keeps them coming back for more!


Then it's only $1.50 per order, month-to-month.

Credit Card Processing Fees, Delivery & Loyalty Program extra.

You can cancel at any time. You own your customers' contact info!


To get started, fill in the form HERE and then email us a file of your current menu:


Thank you!

With your FIRST 30 DAYS FREE, you have nothing to lose to try Carside Cuisine!

After that, it's only $1.50 per order!

No contracts, month-to-month.

Credit card processing fees extra:  2.9% + 30 cents per transaction

Delivery charges extra.  See details below.

Loyalty program free for 30 days, then $45+ per month (depending on number of loyalty visits).  See details below.







1)  Send us a file by email of your current menu. Email:

2)  If you wish, also text or email us photos of at least 10 of your most popular dishes.


Then we go to work for you!

1)  We can check your Facebook Page for more photos!

2)  We will create your online menu on your own BRANDED page, totally separate from other restaurants. 

3)  LOYALTY PROGRAM:  We will create your loyalty program to increase repeat ordering!

4)  EMAIL MARKETING:  We will EMAIL your customers for you at least once a week to encourage them to order online or dine inside your restaurant. This will increase your business!

5)  FACEBOOK POSTING:  We will post on your Facebook page at least once a week to encourage people to order online!


6)  RESULTS!  We will enjoy seeing all your new vacation photos!  We really do hope that Carside Cuisine will help you increase profits so much that you'll be able to take more time off to be with your family and friends!  But if you ever wish to cancel, just send us an email.






CARSIDE CUISINE creates your beautiful, full color MENU as a SQUARE online store page at no charge.  You only pay $1.50 per order which also includes weekly email marketing and weekly Facebook posting to increase customer orders.

SQUARE charges credit card processing fees:  2.9% + 30 cents per transaction



NO EXTRA CHARGE.  That's why our email marketing & social media posts all encourage Take-Out or Curbside Pickup!



If your restaurant delivers, SQUARE charges only 50 cents to coordinate the delivery! 


If your restaurant uses an outside delivery service:

SQUARE charges your restaurant $1.50/order take care of on-demand deliveries from start to finish using Postmates or DoorDash.  You do nothing except fill the order!

        Customer pays:   DOORDASH:  $6.99 per delivery (3-5 miles) 

                                      POSTMATES:  $4.20 + 75 cents per km per delivery (about $1.20/mile). Example:  Delivery charge for 3 miles would be approximately $7.80) and for 5 miles would be approximately $10.20


A curbside pickup system enables you to serve customers without them actually entering your restaurant, and without having to provide a delivery service or wait around after placing a to-go order. This system is a happy medium that falls somewhere in between a traditionally placed to-go order and a delivery order.

Here's how your Square Online Menu page works with Curbside Pickup:

How to enable curbside pickup and local delivery on your Square Online Restaurant Menu page:

How to enable online ordering for restaurants with a Square page:

Tutorial:  How To Build A Square Online Ordering page for Restaurants: Step by Step