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According to the American Kennel Club, the top dog breed in the USA is LABRADOR RETRIEVER!

#2 German Shepherds    #3 Golden Retrievers   #4 French Bulldogs   #5 Bulldogs

#6 Poodles    #7 Beagles    #8 Rottweilers   

#9 German Shorthaired Pointers    #10 Pembroke Welsh Corgis

See ALL 20 top dog breeds and their adorable puppy pix!

25 Simple Dog Biscuit Recipes

Show your dog some love by creating homemade dog biscuits! This article by Jen Gabbard of shows you how to make 25 simple dog biscuit recipes, including Quick and Easy Peanut Butter Treats, Chicken Dog Treats, Sweet Potato Fries for Dogs, Apple-Carrot Dog Treats, and even Vegan/Gluten-Free Dog Treats!  Check out the article here:

Dog Behavior - Normal or Not?

Does your dog hump every leg in sight? Does he/she destructively chew on your couch or shoes?

This article, written by Clarendon Animal Care of Arlington, Virginia, addreses common dog behaviors:  Barking, chewing, humping, digging, food guarding, and aggression.  Read more here.

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Jesse the Jack Russell Terrier Performs Useful Dog Tricks

This video has almost 35,000 views! Here are some comments:

"This dog is smarter than Congress!" --- "This dog does more housework than I do!" --- "This made my day, thanks so much!"

So watch this video and then it will be YOUR TURN! Send us a video of YOUR pet's best trick!  Fill out form below video.

What can your dog do?  What can your bird do?  Do you have funny cat photos or videos?  Please send us one so that your friends and neighbors who visit the can enjoy your pets too! Just fill in the form below: