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Tue Aug 11, 2020 is GLOBAL KINETIC SAND DAY but you can celebrate any day of the year! 

Make kinetic sand yourself or buy it at WalMart, Target, Amazon, Michael's Crafts & more!

Below see instructions on how to make your own KINETIC SAND!

And here's a great article about Global Kinetic Sand Day!

There are lots of RECIPES for Homemade Kinetic Sand!  Google it!  Here's one:


Play Indoors or Outdoors

Build A Castle!

Have fun With Shapes!

Make It Yourself or Buy It

Summer Safari Day Camp at the Metro Richmond Zoo

Check out the Zoo's Day Camp for your child. Different age groups, different weeks and days available. Tap the link above to find out all the details.


Today we created a Word Find Puzzle for you using words associated with Ashland Virginia!  Tap to see the puzzle, print it out, and have fun solving it!  Schools and businesses are welcome to share with students and customers too!


HILARIOUS VIDEO to watch by yourself or with your family. We laughed until tears ran down our faces! Funny things people did at home during the covid-19 situation.



April 14, 2020    A fun 10-question quiz we created for kids to do at home to get them thinking!  Families can do it together. Email the link to the page so other family members you can't visit can also do it with their kids!  And try Toilet Paper Trivia here!

Non-Drug Remedies for Your ADD and ADHD Child

March 20, 2020   Dr. Glenn Gero, Naturopathic Doctor, wrote a very important article for parents about how certain food sensitivities could be causing behavioral problems,and how certain foods have been shown to greatly improve children's behavior. Read more . . .

23 Ways To Smuggle Veggies Into Kids Food

Here's #5: Blend baby spinach with a smoothie that has raspberries or blueberries, it will mask the green color.

#15: Blend onions and carrots and then add to marinara sauce.   See more here ...

Our Best Play Ideas for When Kids Are Stuck at Home

3-13-2020  Create reading zones, use audiobooks, set up a mini hair salon, bake together, make chores fun . . . and more ideas. Article by Jenny Radesky, M.D., a Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician.    

FUN Dance Routine for Kids to Do at Home

3 minute dance routine to a Justin Timberlake song

They'll play it over and over and gets lots of exercise at home!

Marco's Italian Restaurant in Ashland VA is now offering Pizza Take-Home Kits!  Have fun with the family tonight making pizza from scratch! In fact, everyone can make their own individual pizza with their favorite toppings!  Tap name of business to be taken to their Facebook post for more details!   804-299-3454  If you own a restaurant, consider creating and offering "Take Home Kits"!

More great articles coming soon! Check back!